Fortunately Tangrace was conceived and born in North America, a piece of pure and vast land, where people with different cultural backgrounds can live equally and respectfully, and can grow with integrity and freedom.

Our ultimate value is “A PROMISE IS A PROMISE”.

Our logo shapes from the Chinese Character “仁“, which stands for “benevolence”.  Such represents the great Chinese culture and heritage we believe in: benevolence-oriented and focused on perfection.

We are grateful for what we have been provided by our customers and friends.  Without their support, we would be nothing.  All we receive from the society will be repaid back to the society.

We are a group of people in the pursuit of perfectionism, whether for technical or services, our professional duty is to be proficient in every detail and to serve our customers in every detail.  We appreciate the changes of the people needs as a result of the environmental changes and time changes.  Facing the constant challenges, we will have to learn more, to do better, and to make our clients more satisfied.

Thank God, we now have two standardized workshops, complete with professional equipment and experienced professionals.  They are our most valuable wealth and resources, which is the most solid guarantee for better services.

Personal heroism or do it alone forever, is far away from our belief.  We know that will only sacrifice our customers.  As a team, we will interpret the most charming style of the North American homes. We hope that all our customers, rich or not, are able to follow their vision, to enjoy our excellent work, to live in a comfortable dwelling.

Now our customers are mainly from Vancouver West.  We have commenced to radiate our business throughout the Greater Vancouver area.

Give us a chance; we will repay you lots of pleasant surprises!