Q&A – Customer Support                                                              


  • What products do you offer?

We manufacture and install custom cabinets designed exclusively to your liking. Cabinets that combine beauty with a smart design, and are truly goes according to your home or company style.

We offer you:

  • Kitchen 
  • Hood Fan
  • Den 
  • Shelfs
  • Fireplace
  • Vanity  
  • Wine cellars
  • Bar
  • Laundry 
  • Kitchen islands
  • Theater 
  • Closets & Walk-in closets 
  • Millwork ( Custom-Made )
  • What is your cabinetry made of?

Our cabinets are made of high quality butcher plywood and veneer. The wood panel and paint we use is from Canada and hardwares are from USA or Europe. 

  • What is the advantage of Tangrace cabinets?
  • High quality for reasonable price 
  • Efficient working
  • Professional team that prepare sub-drawings
  • Designers referral 
  • Fast service  
  • Where can I find your showroom?

Our showroom is located on the factory location at 8282 Sherbrooke St, Vancouver.


  • I want to buy a cabinet, what is the process?

Please read Tangrace Cabinet Process  for details

  • What is the lead time of Tangrace products?

Lead time depends on the type of project and will be specified on your quotation. We will always be upfront with you regarding the schedule of events for your cabinetry.


  • How do I customize my cabinets?

We can help you to choose your cabinets according to your space, style and needs. 

  • Can you refer me a designer to help with my renovation?

Sure, we can give you many options of designers that can help you to define your project.

  • Can I receive quotation before the decision?

Yes. Someone of our team will visit your place to take measurements and after that we will send you the quotation. 

  • Can someone from Tangrace Group come to my home to take measurements?

Yes. Even though you send us the measures we always go to your place to double check.


  • Do any of the cabinets come in other colors or finishes besides those listed on the site?

Yes, no matter the color or style we can do it for you as you want it.


  • Will you arrange installation for us? Or I must do it by myself?

The installation process is just as important as the cabinetry itself. Our professional team is in charge of installation and will make sure everything gets done as planned. 

  • Can I remove pieces to clean them?

You would be able to clean your cabinets without removing any piece of it.

  • How can I maintain my cabinetry and countertop?

All our cabinetry is waterproof so you don’t need to worry about it. We recommend you to use a chop board for cutting food on the countertop. Any kitchen/bathroom clean product you use won’t do damage to the cabinets. 


  • What is the warranty on your cabinetry? 

We offer you 5 years’ warranty. We provide you free support if you need it. After 5 years, charges may apply.

  • If I have damaged something, is it possible to buy replacement pieces?

Yes, we can sell you a piece replacement. And we also provide extra installation service.

  • Can I return cabinetry?

We accept returns for standard cabinets but there may be uninstallation charges. Custom cabinetry is not returnable.